Monday, May 30, 2011

The bird watch is on again

We have about 12 soffit vents along the back of the house. A few years ago, one of the lazy cable guys routed a cable up the back of the house and punched a hole through the screen over the vent to get the cable into the attic. An enterprising pair of black birds found it and moved in. At least one of the chicks falls out of the nest each year. Last year, the fallee was fully feathered and hid next to the fence for the better part of a day. Mom and Dad sat on the fence and fluffed feathers and chased other birds away until they decided that more direct action was in order. I did not know that birds would do this, but they grabbed the youngster and put it back in the nest.
Today, we came home to find another soffit hole challenged chick next to the patio.
We covered the cat door in the back door to retain the gastronimically challenged feline. And now the watch is on, to see if the parent birds come and get this one.
Belle checks frequently to see if the chick is still there. I just don't want the cat throwing up feet and a beak on the laminate floor.


  1. Could be worse, could be on the carpet.

    But yeah, the difference between "Oh noes - poor baby chick!" and "Oh noes - this'll be a mess!" is not unknown here, either.

  2. I don't think I've ever heard of a bird being able to put its young back in the nest...huh! I hope they do!


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