Monday, May 9, 2011

Off the grid...

I've been quiet the past several days due to the process of job hunting, and house remodeling down at the creek house.

The job hunt is a little slow going but I've had some leads so we'll see if anything pans out. Anyone know someone who needs a bookkeeping, A/R or A/P person in Houston? Heck I could even work remotely if need be.

The remodeling project is about finished. The main part of it is done, now it's just clean up and there are a few rooms left to paint but those will get done in phases this summer.

I had a great time with the in laws, but the poor hubby was stuck in Houston working out his computer issues at work. Poor guy, it's been hell for him these past few weeks. The upside is that he has managed to post to the blog and keep it going. I'm so glad to have him contributing.

Starting this upcoming weekend, I'm going to be doing swim team every Saturday morning so I will not be leaving town again until July. Fun fun.

Tomorrow I'm going to the gun range with my oldest daughter. She recently purchased a Springfield XDM 9mm and so we're going to go and shoot it along with shooting the Tokorev.

Funny thing, my daughter is very short, she's only 4'11" and that Tokorev is almost as tall as she is! We'll see how she handles it. I'll be sure to post photos of our trip to the range tomorrow.


  1. I'm looking forward to hearing about the range trip!

  2. Hopefully, I'll do better with the Tokorev than last trip. This time I will have binoculars with me so that I can see where to adjust my aim should the wind turn out to be an issue again.

    My last trip to the range, I was shooting left, but hitting the target. My grouping was really good which one of you guys pointed out, but I think if I had binoculars with me that trip, I could have adjusted for that.

    I'm really looking forward to it.


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