Wednesday, May 25, 2011

I really am my father's daughter

I've written a story here about my dad and his love of a good practical joke.

In the past few days, I have set up the sprinklers to start up on a timer, different zones on different days and times.  This morning, the rainbird sprinkler goes off at 6:50am in the backyard.

So, Miss Kitty was outside on the back porch doing her usual stalking of birds and enjoying being the queen of her territory, while I sat in side the house, watching the doggie door waiting for the sudden burst of kitty that was soon to fly through it.

Finally, I hear the 'click' of the timer which is the release of the stopper inside timer which allows the sprinklers to come on.  Bingo!

I quickly look at the door and sure enough, Miss Kitty scrambles through it at record speed and she is not too happy.  Apparently, the sprinkler was pointed straight at where she was sitting when it started up so she got all wet.

Now she's on top of the table, looking out the window, giving the sprinkler the stink eye.  I've been laughing my fool head off.  God I love a good laugh, I really am my father's daughter.

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  1. Nothing as good as a wet ... I mean when the cat gets soaked... "that which happened" was funny.


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