Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gotta Love Good Ole' Texas Boys......

Texas cowboy helps New Yorker by roping runaway steer

From The Houston Chronicle 

GALWAY, N.Y. — It took a Texan to rope a runaway steer in an upstate New York field, but the cowboy lost some skin in the process.
Greg Way tells the Daily Gazette of Schenectady that he was unloading a pair of recently bought steers at his farm in rural Saratoga County earlier this month when the cattle bolted and escaped.
One of the steers was back within a couple days, but his 700-pound companion remained on the lam for a week.
Last Saturday, John West took a break from his horse training duties in Saratoga Springs to lend a hand capturing the wayward steer. The 44-year-old Texan mounted a horse and eventually roped the steer, but was pulled from his saddle and dragged along the ground for a spell.
West, whose hometown wasn’t available, suffered only minor scrapes and scratches.

Apparently steer roping isn't exactly his forte' considering he got pulled from his saddle, but hey, he got the job done so it's a win.


  1. "and dragged along the ground for a spell."

    That story wins with the use of 'for a spell' used in NY!

  2. Not 'yup'? or 'eyup'? Damn your indecipherable accent!!

  3. LOL... hey that's how I roll! yup is something you would here in Dallas or something... eyup is something that they say in deep east Texas, like around Lufkin..... they're hicks up there! Too close to Louisiana and Arkansas, they marry their cousins up there!

  4. I had a co worker from Louisiana. I used to say that when he was growing up he would come home to the shack and yell out "Hi mom! Hi sis!" and there was only one female in the room...


  5. LOL...

    I like to joke about East Texans and it's only partially true.. HA!

    Seriously though, it's all in good fun.

    Wait until I start telling Aggie Jokes. My hubby's an Aggie so I have to tread carefully there.

  6. "dragged along the ground for a spell". Well bless his heart! (there, meme still going)

  7. Hear about the Aggie that got caught snorting Sweet & Low?

    He thought he was doing Diet Coke.

    --AOA (TTU alum)

  8. Well certainly you've heard about the new parachute the A&M college of engineering has developed haven't you?
    opens on impact.
    I've heard them all. They sell books of aggie jokes at the Memorial Student Center at the main campus. Yes, there are that many.


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