Monday, May 23, 2011

Hard Afternoon's Work

Yesterday, my better half and I worked in the yard.  He mowed, raked and trimmed, but in addition to that he fulfilled my desire to plant some veggies, well not veggies, they're actually considered fruit.

We planted 2 cherry tomato plants, 2 "big boy" tomato plants, 2 cucumber and 2 bell pepper plants.  Much to my hubby's dismay and I haven't broken the news to him yet, but I am seriously considering planting some strawberries.

I'm hoping that they will grow and produce for me, the price of these particular produce items are going up, no doubt due to rising costs of fuel.

If this year's garden is a success, I see another one next spring but to include lettuce, onion, okra and various melons.  Also on the agenda is to plant a lemon and a lime tree as well.

I hope that this year's garden goes well.  It's hard to say because they're planted in the ground and around here, our soil is clay.  Of course hubby dug pretty deep and we back filled with good soil, manure and peat moss humus but a raised bed is the best way to go here in my area.

We'll see how it goes.

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