Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What is he smoking?

Apparently Obama is high or stupid or a liar, most likely it's the last two.

He was in El Paso today and stated that the boarders  borders are more secure than ever?  Seriously?

The sad part is that many people are stupid enough to believe him.


  1. I think your typo explains why he can say such a thing with a straight face. I agree "the boarders are more secure than ever." No dispute about that.

    You've just discovered the secret to one of his lies. Homonyms. Remember - he is smarter than everybody!

  2. god....... am going correct that typo!

  3. What happened to Typo Forgiveness???

  4. The fence he said that his administration is almost done building will fix the problem. But he said that we won't be happy we'll just want it bigger and taller.

    I say we just man it with a bunch of ED-209's from RoboCop set them to not allow anything to cross the border.

  5. Don't get me started after this week! Sheesh! The sad part is as you say.


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