Monday, May 2, 2011

Keywords: H. S. Precision rifles, marketing fail, Lon Horiuchi, shot Vicki Weaver

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The unabridged backstory:

The executive summary:

During the firing of these two shots, Lon Horiuchi managed to quite neatly shoot Vicki Weaver (neither an adult male nor observed with a weapon) in the face -- while she was holding her baby daughter in her arms -- killing the 42-year-old mother graveyard dead.

Some years later, the firearms firm of H-S Precision decided to include a testimonial in their catalog in which the author praised H-S Precision products.

That author was Lon Horiuchi.
From the Law Dog
Bad form H-S Precision, Bad form...

ps. even if the internet doesn't remember, Al├ęsage Patch will.


  1. Thanks! Moving up in the Google rankings.

  2. Yep, this is something that gun-owners, in particular, NEVER need to forget. The SOB murdered an innocent civilian in cold blood because of the ROE that he and other shooters pushed for on that mountain.

    And this friggin' gun company, H-S Precision, wants this guy as a spokesperson???

    Don't think so, and no thank you.



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