Monday, May 30, 2011

I'm tempted to send geico a bit of spittle in the mail

Watching Gettysburg on the history channel. Geico commercial comes on with the gaggable cave man as a civil war "re-inactor" (sue me, my spelling sucks).
caveman goes off on the other participants by the campfire for their lack of authenticity..wearing crocs, a snuggy, ordering delivery pizza. Not funny, or even slightly amusing.
When is geico going to get rid of that ad campaign?

At least they didn't go so low as to put him in a rebel uniform.


  1. Husband Tivo'd that Gettysburg show. I'll have to warn him about the Geico commercial.

    I think that's why he usually opts to watch something on the Tivo, tape whatever is on ( or overnight if it is repeated late at night ) and watch it a day or two later...he gets to edit out all the commercials...

  2. Sadly, the good commercials are better than 90% of the programming these days...


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