Saturday, May 14, 2011

It's too early to be up on a Saturday!

It's 6:40am and I'm awake this morning and the sad part is that there's isn't a rod and reel in my hand.  Nope, instead I'm about to go and put on my uniform that allows me to make small children cry.

Today are time trials for the swim team and so we have a practice meet.  I would rather be sleeping today but no big deal.  I'll get out there in my uniform and my whistle and send the little sweeties off the blocks.

Until the last weekend in June, my Saturdays belong to the swim team. Go team go!


  1. The part about "allowing me to make small children cry" made me smile. I guess I'm a little twisted.
    Its parents like you who donate their time that helps our communities be what they can be. Imagine what would happen if every parent turned down the volunteer position - no judges, no swim meets, no events. It may be hard getting up so early - but when you get home and read this...what you do is super important! *hug* I hope it was a good, chlorinated day!

  2. Oh thanks Maura. I have being doing this since my kids were young and were on the team. The requirement for every swimmer is that their parents volunteer to run the meet.

    I have not had a kid on the team for about 4 years now, but I still go and referee. It's just a small thing to give up 7 Saturdays per year and especially since the fishing doesn't really get great until July/August where we go.

    Your sense of humor is like my own. Honestly, I don't enjoy making little kids cry; however, I do enjoy pretending that I do.


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