Thursday, May 5, 2011

Watching the republicrat prez candidates debate on fox

Belle is out of town. We are chatting and watching the debate.
The unelectable one, Ron Paul, makes the most sense in the debate. I'm liking Herman Cain.
Belle suggested a ticket of Cain / Paul which I thought was good.
Then they showed the other candidates not at the debate, which reminded me of Ms. Bachman.
So I'm thinking Cain / Bachman.

What say you?

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  1. I like Herman Cain as well. He is, in a lot of ways, a male version of Condi Rice--grew up in a working-class home, made his own way through life, kept climbing, kept his faith, and kept his way.

    He knows business and that is a proven fact. He has a track record of business and personal success that nobody inside the Beltway can touch.

    His weak area is in politics, which is good--and that is where Bachman will fill the gap.

    Personally, I think the key to beating the Kenyan imposter in 2012 (besides putting up electable candidates) is to EMPHASIZE the teamwork of our President and Vice Presidential candidates.

    That's never been done. We've always elected a president and the VP has been the lapdog tag-along.

    Why waste talent on the ticket? A ticket like Cain/Bachman and a campaign geared and designed around the TWO of them working to shape policy for this nation is a winner.



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