Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sponge Bob, Newt and McLame

My favorite quote regarding the newt
" If he had strapped on a suicide-bomber’s vest and pulled the detonator as he was waddling onto the Meet the Press set on Sunday, he couldn’t have taken himself out of the race more effectively"
To reiterate my previous post regarding newt. Please STFU and go away.
From David Kahane to which I found my way from Cold Fury.


  1. "As he was getting ready to leave a speaking engagement Dubuque resident Russell Fuhrman approached him in the lobby of the Holiday Inn:

    “Get out now before you make a bigger fool of yourself,” Fuhrman said directly to Gingrich."

    *seriously unladylike snort*

    The problem is, Newt still thinks he is relevant.

  2. His best path would be to just stick with his Fox news contributor gig.
    Since my first post about newt, I'm finding I'm not alone in my opinion of him. He is a sure fire loss in 2012. If hell freezes over, and he gets the nomination, we'll know for sure elections are being rigged.


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