Sunday, May 1, 2011

Music in the Morning

There is something really nice about getting up on Sunday mornings and finding great music posted over at Borepatch's place.  He's got Bach over there and so I thought that I would follow suite and give you some Hans Zimmer.

This particular piece is from The DaVinci code it's the song playing at the end of the movie when Tom Hanks figures out where The Magdalene is most likely buried.  The music starts off very soft and quiet, then builds as it goes.  It's a fantastic piece.  If you know music, listen for the French Horns, they are.......  wow!

And you can't have classical music without a little Mozart.  This is one of his more famous pieces, you hear it in movies, etc.  Piano Concerto No. 21.

Y'all have a great day now, ya hear?


  1. I've been home all weekend, Barkley the lab has had an upset stomach so I've been around to let him out more frequently. So a weekend of music, blogging, reading and quiet. Mozart is a favorite, but there is just something about the mathematical precision of Bach that can't be denied.

    Have a great weekend.

  2. Oh I agree, I enjoy Bach as well. My moods will always dictate what I want to hear.

    Another composer that I enjoy is Chopin.

    Some days I may choose Nine Inch Nails... lol


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