Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Please, would somebody!

Tell Newt Gingrich to STFU and go away. He is the John "fight with me" McCain sequel If I've ever seen it.
A previous employer of mine, a self made man, and a man I respected told me "people never remember the good things you've done, but they never forget the bad things."
Newt is unelectable and as big a target a Palin.
I will grant you, he's not as big a pussy as McCain, but he's going to drown in the shit storm.
I might tell you how I really feel in the comments....


  1. Amen sister! Oh, please do let us know how you really feel!

  2. he's a fucktard...and don't call me sister.
    heh, messin with ya Keads....

  3. Keads: kx59 has whiskers. Belle is the cute one.

    (I always look)

  4. Hey! I resemble that remark!

  5. Gee that sounds like what I was telling an old H.S. classmate on facebook earlier. Still waitinng on a viable candidate.

  6. Whoops! Sorry! That's what I get for drive by commenting!

  7. Think he's un-electable now? Wait until he starts touting his "constitutional amendment to ban abortion." I'm not necessarily for abortion, but it's not my call to tell a woman what to do or not do.

  8. I'm with you guys.
    Newt is not electable.
    He's just an old white Southerner.

    The the voting demographic you need to chase is
    the independents, undecideds and disillusioned Dems, and Newt ain't gonna get 'em.



  9. TBG - I think your exaclty wrong. That is what they tried to do with Dole and McCain. It Doesn't work when the opposition runs as centrist. You need to get the base. It doesn't have to be the religious base as abortion would get you. You need to get true conservatives. You need to have someone that the Strict Constitutionalists would actually get off their front porch. Put on the boonie hat and go vote for. While maintaining the support from the current republican voting demographic. Not someone the average republican will hold their nose to vote for. Not a socialist light. A true conservative. A Reagan Conservative or Stronger.

  10. Gonna argue this one with you Teke...
    I'm not talking RINOs or just-barely-right-of-center...
    The operative phrase here is "old white Southerner", not necessarily the voting demographic.
    In my estimation, we (conservatives) have been letting the GOP throw generic Old White Guys up for election - Dole, McCain, etc
    And now Gingrich and Haley Barbour?

    If you find someone your strict Constitutionalists would vote for, they better be one that your Undecideds can feel good about voting for.
    The problem is that the actual deciding vote is not really the base, it's the undecided and independents, and as a rule, these folks don't research the positions of the candidates on issues or examine the track record of the candidate- they want someone they can feel comfortable with, someone they like. That's why we have the Silver Tongued Devil now- he looks good, he talks good...
    That's where Marco Rubio would work... Jeb Bush would be good, but could never be elected because of the absolute HATE the Left has for GWB (Hate by association).
    Huckabee? Pawlenty? (Gawd help me) Romney?
    No way.

    Cain? Perhaps. Makes all the right(Right) noises, Tea Party likes him (mostly), Fair Tax proponent...

    Personally I'd vote for Cain above anyone that is currently being considered at this point.

  11. So Far I'm with you on the names. I definitely agree the GOP needs to stop rolling the guys ready for retirement out. Cain so far sounds best. I'd be happy with Michelle Bachmann. Would love Paul but will never happen.

    What I think is that it may surprise a lot of people how attractive a True conservative that can espouse their points and not look like a bitter old man would have with the independents.

    My big thing is that I think it would suprise people if we quit trying to compromise to get the middle how many you would still get and how many more true conservatives would turn out.

    I say no to Romney, Huckabee, Trump (a joke),Pawlentey (Haven't Researched but interviewed well the other day on the Radio), Palin (Damaged Goods), and Gingrich.

    So far Cain is the best we see actually in the race.


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