Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Rant of the Day

Once again, An Ordinary American brings it.

My only issue with what he says is #4 and #5.  I'm not keen on the government (federal or state) having DNA records on any human being whose only fault is to have been unfortunate enough to have been born out of wedlock.  I think that's just asking for trouble and it's a slippery slope that I don't wish to slide down.  I don't want to create an atmosphere where the government, regardless of the reason, can demand DNA from any individual without probable cause.

His #5 I take issue with because the involuntary sterilization of any person is not okay.  Rather than take that drastic step, offer them the choice, but with the understanding that if they refuse any future babies born out of wedlock will not equal a pay raise on their welfare check.  Why pick on unwed mothers on welfare?  What about individuals who are married, on welfare that keep having babies they can't afford?  You can't single them out, it goes against my idea of individual liberty.

He is very correct in that the welfare system needs an overhaul.  His #1 is a good idea but before that can be implemented, we need to change the Constitution.  Currently, a child of an illegal alien or a child of a legal resident alien who is born in the states is automatically a citizen.  This is how illegals end up getting a free lunch.  We need to change the Constitution to reflect that a child who is born on US soil must have at least one parent that is a citizen of the US.

As far as dead beat dads go, he hits that right on but I will say that currently in the State of Texas, if a woman is on welfare, medicaid or food stamps, the state requires that the mother disclose the father of the baby (if known) and the state goes after the dad for child support and the dad will have to pay for the kid's medical insurance so that they can get off of medicaid.

He had a good rant over there though and I encourage you all to go and read it.

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