Thursday, May 26, 2011

Juxtaposition and music seem to be the meme for the evening

A song written by Robert Earl Keen and Lyle Lovett while they were at my alma mater. I had never heard of them till I graduated, but apparently they graduated..or left, just before I got there. Robert Earl claimed he held the record for probation at A&M. The first video is his version of the song. It was the version I heard first. In the background, you can hear Bryan Duckworth, his road band mandolin and fiddle player. I heard Robert Earl say he'd know Bryan since third grade.
In the midst of this live version, Robert Earl tells the story behind the song.
I've seen both Robert and Lyle live. Lyle I've seen up close and personal with a three piece drum set, him with his guitar, and a cellist (A cello is a really big violin for my Texas brethren). He was incredibly good. There is a big difference in style and musicality between the two. I like both versions a lot. But then, I've been to, and know of all the places they speak of in the song.
I've also personally heard Robert Earl describe his singing voice as something akin to a buzz saw. So, if you are new to Robert Earl, I suggest waiting through the first video so you can hear the story behind the song, and then skip to Lyle's version. If you are a Robert Earl Keen fan, as I am, then...enjoy!

postscript: this Saturday, I'll be driving over the Brazos river not far from the delta. The song lyrics say the Brazos always runs muddy like she's done all along. When the Brazos runs clear and blue, Texas is in a serious drought. I'm hoping for muddy water.

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