Saturday, May 21, 2011

Overheard on the couch..

Kx59:  The Dalai Lama is resigning.  They're getting a new Dalai Lama or something like that.
Me:  He can't retire, he's the reincarnation of previous Dalai Lama(s).
Kx59:  Well I found it on Drudge and it wasn't another blog link it was a news article.
Me:  Let me do a quick Google.  No dear, the Dalai Lama is still the Dalai Lama, he's just resigning as Tibet's political leader.  He will be the Dalai Lama until he dies.
Kx59:  Okay, I didn't say that I had it completely right.

By the way, the Chinese government says that they have to sign off on the next reincarnated Dalai Lama and approve him for the job.  I just wonder how they will know whether or not an INFANT will grow up to buck the Chinese government?

I hope that Tibet is independent before the current Dalai Lama passes on.

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