Friday, May 27, 2011

Top Shot Season 3??

Does anyone out there know when Season 3 is scheduled to start?  I can't seem to find that info anywhere, not even on The History Channel's site.


  1. More importantly - when is the final-show live-blog?? :-)

  2. Well we be live blogging for the Season 3 opener, I believe.

    I seem to recall that you couldn't make the last live blog, something about your computer not being where the TV is????

  3. That was Maura's (lame) excuse.

    Mine was that the lovely Mrs. North expects to watch it with me. We sat on the couch in the bedroom drinking beer and watching.

    Normally I blog from my office (right here) which does have a TV, but isn't where the Mrs wants to be.

    And honestly I have no excuse, really, since I have a EEEPC for the bedroom I could blog from.

  4. LOL... okay! But hey, the Mrs. comes first, always!

  5. I'll ask. Perhaps she'll let me blog simultaneously.

    I also drink while watching, so y'all will be entertained by my typos.

  6. Lame? Lame? Why I aughtta...

    I can hear the tv from where I sit, but not see it. I don't have a wireless lappy for use on the couch, so I'm stuck at my desk.

    As for the Season 3 opener, it just said "Coming soon" - so more than likely, it will be this Fall or Winter, I would expect.


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