Friday, May 25, 2012

Dewhurst? Conservative?

I get a little bit of a gag reflex when I hear that name and word spoken in the same sentence.
Dewhurst is the current Lt. Governor and a Senatorial candidate  for the State of Texas.
He's about as squishy a RINO as there is.  Breitbart sticks a pin in Dewhurst's latest attack ad against Ted Cruz.. Dewhurst appears to have adpopted Alinsky's tactics, accusing Ted Cruz of everything Dewhurst has done over the years.

Personally, I wouldn't be at all disappointed if Dewhurst were to lose his next election bid for Lt. Governor as well.  I certainly don't want Dewhurst in the Senate. There's enough spineless obligate mouth breathers there already.


  1. Each Dewhurst commercial makes me like him less and less... and I started out with a pretty ambivalent opinion about him. At this point, I wouldn't care if everything he claims in an attack ad is true. Still wouldn't vote for him.

  2. I voted for Ted Cruz the first day of early voting.

    Didn't feel the need to vote for anyone else, since the Establishment guy has that post sewn up.

    I also voted "Yes" on every amendment (if I remember right).


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