Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remington Wingmaster Magnum 870

I bought this shotgun when I was 18 with my own minimum wage earned money.  This was back in 1977 or there abouts. My goose gun for hunting the rice fields near Katy, Texas (all now covered by residential subdivisions)
 The paper manual that came with it was long ago lost. A couple of days ago I went to Remington's web site just to have a look see if they might have a pdf manual to down load.
Huzzah!  They did!
So, I'm reading through the manual looking for the disassembly and reassembly instructions at which point I come to the reassembly instructions.  So I click back a few pages thinking somehow I missed the disassembly part.
I did not.
So any gunnies out there that can point me to a "complete" Remington 870 manual would be highly appreciated.



    Should be 1 here. Hope it helps

  2. It's there but disassembly is after assembly. WTH

  3. 13 minute response time. Does that rock or what?
    Thanks Dakotas5! I've not found that web site before - bookmarked it.
    And thanks for reading the BAR blog.

  4. I just went though this process last night with a 20 ga 870 Express I'd purchased for my wife.


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