Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Need some slide scanning help

As in Ektachrome (Echtachrome?) slide scanning to jpg format.
I have around 500 slides I took during the winter of '80 / '81 while in Europe, that I'd like to convert to digital format.
Spent 5 months there. In the winter. Coldest 5 months of my life. Natural Gas is your friend.
I digress.
I remember when we got the first printer / scanner it came with a black masking overlay for scanning slides. But that is the extent of my knowledge on the subject, and the overlay has long since been lost.
Any input is greatly appreciated.


  1. You should consider sending your slides to a professional business that scans and digitizes slides, such as ScanMyPhotos.com. Since you have around 500 slides, the prepaid slide scanning box may be just the right fit for you: http://www.scanmyphotos.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=S&Product_Code=RSB&Category_Code=. If you'd rather pay-per-slide, ScanMyPhotos.com offers that, too: http://www.scanmyphotos.com/slidescanning.html. All slides are delicately hand-scanned by professional technicians who color and density correct each image and Digital ICE technology removes scratches, dust and dirt from the scanned images. Visit "In the News" to read all the reviews and articles about the company: http://www.scanmyphotos.com/news.html.

  2. Thanks very much for the input. I was unaware that such a thing existed. I'll check that out.
    I'll probably just scan the images I like the best.
    The kludged photos aren't worth scanning.


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