Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I voted 9 times today

Not literally of course.  Voter turnout for primaries has hovered around 11% in the last two election cycles in the BAR environs.  So my vote carries the weight of 9 voters.  (rounding down to a whole body).
The beauty is that I didn't even have to commit voter fraud.  Other than that, all other aspects of this post are just egregiously pathetic.

I mean really.  At least use it as a bonified reason to leave work early to get to the polls before they close and actually go do it.  It took me 15 minutes once I arrived at the voting location.  If there had been so many voters there that it took an hour and a half, I'd be very, very encouraged.  I was not.

When November rolls around and you don't like your choices, please contact the BAR


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