Tuesday, May 8, 2012

South Houston Gun Ranges????

Are there any readers out there that can recommend a good outdoor gun range on the south side of Houston?

Reader Julie, just moved to the area and sent an email to me asking for recommendations.  Unfortunately, I don't live on that side of town so was unable to help her.

If anyone out there can give a recommendation(s) please leave a comment....



  1. Depends on where in South Houston. I know about three indoor ranges and one outdoor range. There is Marksman, in South Houston, on Nebraska St off Hwy 3. There is also Pasadena Gun Center on Shaw Ave. Further south on I-45 is Top Gun, in League City, where Hwy 646 crosses I-45. I live about a mile from the Clear Creek gun range. It is on FM 1266 Rd, between Hwy 646 and Hwy 96.

    Dave Henderson

    1. Forgot to say...I have shot at the Pasadena Gun range and Top Gun. Pasadena appears to be in an old theater and has poor ventilation and is pretty small.
      Top Gun is a great range. My church has gone out there twice to shoot as a group.
      Several of my co-workers has shot at Marksman and said it was a good esperience. I have visited the outdoor range and can only say that is looks nice enough, but appears to flood when it rains.

  2. i've not been in the area myself but wheretoshoot.org has put together a good sized list.

  3. It's a little further drive, but Texas City's range is very nice and the folk's there are very helpful. Pistol. rifle and skeet.

  4. If on the west side American Shooting Center offers it all. Rifle to 600yards, 22 varmit alley , Pistol, Trap, Skeet, Self Throw, Sporting Clays. It's in George Bush park off of Westheimer and hwy 6.


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