Monday, May 21, 2012

More ows morons

Lots of pics at The Silent Majority.

The protest sign that sums the whole ows mind set for me read "Students Strike for Workers Rights".
Soooo...if you are a student and "striking" you are actually skipping class, no? This will help your GPA?
Well there's your problem right there. Not quite grasping the concept of cause and effect.

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  1. I realize we have a right to protest. But it's been going on for months now and what have they accomplished? They still have trouble articulating why they are out there.

    Grandpa had a bad heart and asthma and he traveled where ever and worked what ever job he could to take care of his family. Dad went to MD, an 8 hr drive away, to find a job. Came home every Friday and went back every Sunday until he found an apartment for us. Life's tough sometimes. Welcome to real life.


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