Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Songs From My Youth - 2

Duran Duran....    great band, loved them.

This video, is Girls on Film which if you search YouTube there's an NSFW version but I posted up the clean version....


  1. My favorite by them is "Save a Prayer" :)

    1. Really I like all their stuff. They were one of my favorite bands when I was in high school. Hungry Like The Wolf is another one that I love.

  2. One of the concerts I remember vividly from the 80's is seeing Duran Duran on the Reflex tour. My then BFF and now Sister In Law went with me and a bunch of friends. I threw a greeting card up on stage for Simon LeBon - and he looked right at me. I nearly fainted.

    About 6 weeks later, I got a card in the mail - from Simon LeBon, thanking me for the message and for being a fan. I kept that card for years and years.

    It was only a few years ago that I discovered my Sister in Law had actually written the card, and given it to her father ( now my FIL ) to mail from New York on a business trip. The 17 year old inside my 44 year old body was a bit crushed.

    *sigh* I loved Duran Duran. :-D

    1. oh how awful!!! Mean trick to play!

      Simon LeBon was a total hottie though...


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