Friday, May 25, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend - They're doing it wrong

I left work early today. I figured I was entitled. Left the house at 5am yesterday, got home at 9pm.
It's now around 7pm in the BAR environs, about 30 minutes or so earlier than I would usually get home. I'm not used to being in the neighborhood this early on a work day.  I drove up to the corner gas station to replenish my bad habits. (before you go all greenie and admonish me for not riding a bike or walking to the "corner" store, just remember, this is Texas)
 Most of the commuters are just now arriving in the neighborhood, and boy howdy are they fired up for the three day weekend.  They are driving like the proverbial bats out of hell. In a rush to get their Weekend ON. They loves them some three day Weekend!
Barbecue, lots of beer and plenty of time to recover from the hangover, and  WooHooo! I have Monday off!
Ur doinit wrong.
I've not ever been particularly fond of big crowds, or parades for that matter. So I'm not doing the RahRah!

Rough and ready men have risen to the call so that I have the freedom to write the drivel I leave on this humble little blog.
For that, I am very, very grateful.

To all of our Military, past and present

Thank You

I'm donating to the Wounded Warrior Project, to support our Troops in my little way. It's not a lot, but the ocean is made up of rain drops.
I encourage you to do the same


  1. Well done! Great post and the WWP is a GREAT organization!

  2. Smooth faced boys have become rough and ready men on our behalf. Thanks to all of them.

    John Bernard Books


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