Thursday, May 10, 2012

Guns Over Texas Radio

Every Sunday evening from 5pm-7pm CST, I listen to a radio show, whose name is listed in the title.  You can listen to them on the web at and if you're in the Greater Houston area, you can find them on AM 700.

They discuss anything to do with guns whether it's firearms questions, or new gun laws or CHL information.  It's a fantastic show that I got hooked on from the very first time that I stumbled upon their show. 

Yours truly has called in to them several times and they are always great and always glad to hear from lady shooters.  In fact, those three guys are huge advocates for women shooters and they believe that every woman should learn how to handle and defend herself with a firearm.

They have recently started a blog and are adding podcasts to it.  Click on the link and go check them out.  Send them a big welcome.

So to the folks over at GOTR...   welcome to the blogroll folks!

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