Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day

Coming up real soon. Got your flowers, cards and candy yet?
I am a fortunate man. Well married as Borepatch has commented in the past.
Belle likes flowers, and once in a blue moon I get them for her. One of the ways in which I am fortunate is that she is not a "shopper" long as she's not in L'home Dee-pot or a sporting goods store.
I have actually bought her, at her request, gifts for Valentines, Anniversary, etc, etc, that have electrical chords or IC engines attached to them.  One was a gas powered weed trimmer.  I said, "fine, but it's yours. When it effs up and won't start, it's still yours". Didn't want any part of it. It is currently in the little tin barn in the back yard, pretty much kludged.
Belle ran across this a short while back and she just had to have it.

Smith & Wesson M&P shield.  Retailing for something close to 400 bucks.
She's already fondled one and shot it a couple of times.
I got a serious hug a few minutes ago. The blood is starting to return to my brain, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details. The subject of Mother's Day came up as she was headed upstairs to rack out, and she said something about "the Mother's Day Gift".  What I can remember is that I said, "No, you are getting a M&P Shield". After that it gets a bit blurry.
The bonus is that she wants to go buy it herself because she wants to whip out her CHL card when the clerk asks her to fill out the paperwork.
I'm in a happy place.
After she shot one for the first time, I knew it was locked in on her radar. She'd already picked out a name for it.
Welcome to the family "Little Sister".

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