Monday, December 10, 2012

God did not make Women Equal with Men

Second oldest Daughter empowers herself with the equalizer.
Her first time to shoot pistols.
Not bad groups at all.  By the end of the session she was loading mags by herself.

As a footnote, I am not short.  She is that tall.


  1. Very cool.
    I like the added footnote. It gives a nice touch.

    I look forward to the day I can take my oldest there. While I can't wait to share the experience with her I do not want her to get there too soon. She's still my baby. ;)

    1. True true Teke. They grow up fast and leave the nest. The shooting was secondary to getting to spend some time with her. She loved it. I let her run most of the ammo through the Ruger.

  2. One of the greatest pleasures I've had is teaching my kids, especially my daughter how to shoot. Knowing that I'm providing the skills and abilities to defend themselves is tremendously fulfilling.

    Congrats on the good work !

    1. We are four for four now. I never suspected all of them would be interested in shooting. We never really pushed the issue.
      They are all surprisingly calm and comfortable around things that go bang. I'd like to think that my demeanor on the firing line has something to do with that. Daughter in the pic wants to get her CCL.

  3. Very good. We are a family of 'shootists' and it is a blast. Wife is a better shot than I. Always has been. Son was gunner on an M-60 team in the Army. Daughter prefers shotguns as does dad.

    Enjoy it, brother!


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