Monday, December 17, 2012

These People

Are seriously fucked up. As in mentally deranged.

Westboro Baptist Church.

Planning to protest at the Sandy Hook Funerals?

What exactly is the Christian message they are trying to get across?

The Progs succeeded in getting rid of State Mental Institutions and turned the crazies out on to the streets.

They've gravitated to the Westboro Baptist Church apparently.
Instead of gun control, I think the national conversation should be about reinstatement of the State Mental health system.

lock em up.


  1. They are like cockroaches, but yes, I think there is a form of mental illness going on with them, and they have gravitated together.

    I saw an article where volunteers came out in enough numbers to form a human wall that peacefully blocked Westboro from a funeral. I wish I could help do that for the funerals in CT.

  2. I firmly support the right to free speech.
    Period, end of sentence.

    I also think that our laws have become slightly twisted so I propose a new law or amendment to our current assault laws.
    If an assault occurs and the victim is a protester at a funeral, the penalty should be considered a class c misdemeanor (lowest Texas has) and the fine shall be $5.

    Protest all you want folks; just remember there are consequences for all actions.

  3. I firmly support the right to free speech.
    Having said that...

    1. WHERE does this 'church' of 50 members get enough money to travel at will anywhere in the country to do such heinous acts?
    2. It's been suggested the President be requested at all the funerals. That way security will keep them farther away, and perhaps arrest some!


    1. they insite annoyed response to their presence, and sue the bejezuz out of the targets. That's where the money comes from. They exploit the law to make a buck. Even the teens and preteens are very careful what they say when they are protesting at an emotional event. Their goal is to insite an angry response, and then claim victimhood, and sue. Ignore and laugh at them and block them with counter demonstrations... Laughing all the way... it IS the best medicine.

      Rich in NC

    2. I've not thought about Guff's question, nor the answer. My usual response when they show up in the news is, "oh, those assholes again."
      It would not surprise me one bit if they turned out to be a lib front group looking to give fundamental Christians a bad name.
      Thanks for stopping by Rich.

  4. Here is a truth. If the media were to disappear so would Westboro.

    1. truedat.
      If the media were to disappear, a great many ailments that afflict this country would disappear.


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