Friday, December 14, 2012

Ham n Beans

Depression era dirt farmer food.
My first exposure was as a child at my Grandmother's house.  She made it with a ham hock that had damn near been scraped clean. If you found a morsel of ham in your bowl, it was a bonus.  She made it with Great Northerns.  God Almighty it was good.

My mother carried on the tradition, with a bit more ham.  Groodles after Thanksgiving or Christmas always included a massive pot of Ham and Beans, with the back half of a pigosaurus ham in it.

Around the Holidays, I buy hams on sale for the sole purpose of making a washtub pot full.

Bought a cured ham around Thanksgiving with that thought in mind.  Work has been insane for the past two months. Dinner planning nonexistent.

Yesterday I got past the deadline.

Left work early today and after settling in I thought "Ya know, I'm going to cook that pot of beans".
I'm tired of being too busy, too rushed, too tired.

It might be 1am before those Great Northerns and that Ham are ready to eat, but wtf, ya know?
I've got enough in that pot to last at least through Tuesday.

As a footnote: I am blessed in that I do not have the usual digestive reaction to eating copious amounts of beans.  Granny Smith Apples are another issue.


  1. Used to go camping with a kid whose step dad was part Cherokee indian and from Oklahoma. His idea of great camping was to sit in camp all day drinking corn and making a pot of ham hocks and beans. Today I use a Lodge camp stove and do the same at home in the back yard, but I like to add lots of onions, and leave out most of the likker. Best food on earth.

  2. Mmmm. Sounds tasty.
    I made a huge pot of black bean stew right before I left on this gig...
    A pound of black beans, 1 can of black beans mashed, 2 ham hocks, a cup and a half of cubed tasso ham, copious amounts of garlic & onion, and a generous amount of adobo seasoning...
    Add cayenne to taste and simmer for 4 or 5 hours.
    Too thick to be black bean soup, but not meaty enough to be feijoada...
    (The Woman doesn't like feijoada- "it's too rich!" - Too rich? Cracker, please.
    That's the point of these pots of meaty goodness, amirite?)


  3. Can't be anything better than hovering over a pot of beans when the weather is just right.


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