Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Four Seasons

Early Summer
Late Summer

Late Summer is running a little long this year. Usually we are in the Christmas Season shortly after Thanksgiving.  The Christmas Season will officially start shortly when I navigate to Amazon to shop gifts for the Grandchildren.

I bought two new winter coats a short while back, something a bit more stylish and urban than my traffic yellow ski parka.  Obviously wishful thinking.
The ski parka? That's so the ski resort rescue team can more easily find me.

No, it is not global worming. It was like this in the 70's when the doom and gloomers were telling us we were headed into another ice age.


  1. Thought it went:

    Almost Summer
    Still Summer
    and Christmas Day

    Add colorful sentence enhancers as the temperature rises or stays high.

  2. I do believe you are correct Bob.
    It could be summarized simply as
    cold front


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