Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The Christmas Spirit

I think I found it again. This is not a small thing.
We spent the evening with Belle's side of the family the day before Christmas Eve.
We spent Christmas Eve at my sister's with my family.
We spent Christmas Day with our "dart league" family.
I have had the most wonderful, wonderful  Christmas.

My Christmas gifts:
My Children.  My Grandchildren.
My Dad, My Mother-in-Law, My Sister. My brother. My niece. My nephews.
Our friends.

I spent time with my grown children, that I do not see much of these days.

I got to tilt a few beers with my brother, whom I do not see much of these days either.  Apparently, he and I are the Abbott and Costello of the family (when we've been drinking)
I know there is no one else on the planet that can make me laugh like he does.  The interesting thing though, is that the late teen and twentysomethings always gather when kx59 and uncle Mike retire to the patio.

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