Friday, December 28, 2012

krank und schlecht

"Krank", my father's favorite German word for sick.  Ich bin krank.
Sore throat morphing into a chest cold.
There are some things that should not be thought, much less said.  I've regressed my way back to the inception of this cold; the week before Christmas.
"Wow", thinks I, "I didn't realize I had that much "paid time off" left.  I must not have gotten sick much this year.  I think I'll take off the week between Christmas and New Years."

What a dumb, dumb think to think.

Obviously, I had used up the vacation days.  Only the sick days were left.

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  1. I've jinxed myself with that one before. Lots of flu going around here this year. Even among people who got their flu shot supposedly in plenty of time to avoid it.

    I spent 11 hours a day last week driving around in the same truck as the lastest flu-victim at work. She drives it on another shift. We'll see.


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