Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year Ya'll

I'm taking care of this right now, cuz it's not likely I'll be up for the turn of the year.
It is a damp and drizzly day at the BAR Corporate HQ.  Suits my mood for the coming year perfectly.
Upside is that the house is less likely to catch on fire from fireworks this evening.
This neighborhood lights up in a major way when fireworks go on sale. In years past I was a major contributor to that, but my youngins are all growed up and up to mischief of their own tonight.

New Year's Eve festivities queued up for this evening are likely to be mostly old and foreign films on netflix.  Well, hoppy beverages will be included I'm sure.

I've already started.  "Zulu" produced by Joseph E. Levine.  One of my favorite actors, a very young Michael Caine, is in this flik.  I pointed this out to the Lovely Sick Belle as she is chatting with friends.
She was underwhelmed.

Ja, Belle ist krank nun auch.


  1. Michael Caine is da bomb in everything.

  2. I think it was Dennis Miller who said he just got the movies of his wedding back.
    Michael Caine was in them!
    The underplayed film about current urban London crime starring him is reportedly outstanding!
    As is everything else.



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