Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Time for fatter boy pants

I've managed to grudgingly hold the line at a size 38 waist for quite some time now, but it's denial really. I've been working on a dunlop for a while, as in "Ma belly done lopped over ma belt".   Essentially a groove around my midsection in which my waistband and belt snap just perfectly.

The holster I ordered for my Ruger finally arrived today from N82 Tactical (Nate Squared). It's an inside the waistband molded polycarbonate paddle holster with suede backing.  The Ruger slides right in and the trigger guard clicks into a detent bump molded into the plastic. A gentle twist towards the body and the pistol comes out no problem.  Their "professional" model.  No break in time. Works right out of the box.  Made in 'Merica!  Damnit!

But, sigh, I'm  either going to have to get tactical slacks or drop an inch and a half off my waistline, whichever comes first.  I'm betting on the fatter boy pants frankly.

N82 advertised that the holster would ship in 5 to 6 days via USPS.  It did and kx59 is a happy camper.
I have received no financial remuneration for the above plug and paid $70 plus $3 shipping for my own damn holster. I didn't even use my EBT card. Not that I have one. As far as you know.


  1. *bonks kx over the head with a Clean Eating frying pan*

  2. No joking here. Start today. Not after the holidays. Cut out dessert. Eat 1/2 to 2/3s of what you normally take. Cut out any source of empty calories, sugared sodas, chips, refined sugar on cereal or in coffee, etc. Accept a certain level of hungry while you're losing. You can maintain a weight and not be hungry, but if you want to lose weight, get used to it. Just don't respond to it.

    Then start walking or riding a bike. Start light and slow, but do it every day and build up slowly. Slowly is important, injuring yourself by going too hard or too fast into exercise will just set you back.

    Keep at it. Don't settle for getting comfortable in 38s. Look toward 34s.

    Set intermediate goals. I used 5 pounds as waypoints.

    As you go, there will be plateaus. I got stuck at 205. Finally had to up my exercise, started getting up earlier and going for a bike ride every morning. But don't give up.

    Don't always deny yourself either, a nice meal in a restaurant or a birthday dinner where you eat a full meal isn't the problem. It's your intake vs. output day to day.

    I lost 45 pounds. It took 2 years. I kept it off for 6 years.

    Consider it part of being prepared.

    1. I think the key in my case is the intake < output equation, with the output being failure point. I've been nudging myself in the right direction slowly but surely over the past couple of months. I've got the intake throttled down to idle speed. My sugar and dense carbohydrate intake is very low. I actually eat salads 4 out of 5 days a week for lunch (in spite of what Maura's frying pan might think). I don't eat junk food.
      I need some exercise, with out a doubt.

    2. Besides Clean Eating - I've discovered two keys I simply overlooked previously - two things that have significantly increased my ability to lose weight: I exercise, and I drink A LOT of water each day.

  3. Lose the weight - PT rules

  4. Try a martial arts program?
    You can find some that will keep you moving, and having a ton of fun!

    You'll end up looking forward to your next workout.
    (I think of it as my next fighting day!)

  5. Buy a puppy. I've lost 5 pounds in the past two weeks...


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