Monday, December 17, 2012

Things not to get your Grandchildren for Christmas

The Redneck Engineer's comment on my "Revenge"post brought this to mind.  Something about "one upping last year's gift"

  Playschool Pirate Ship. 

A gift from my parents to my, at the time, 3 year old son. At the time, this was a $90 toy for preschoolers. Some assembly required.  Don't get me wrong, this toy was way cool. Cannons, Sails, Pirate flag, Rigging, cannon balls, it had it all.
I am good at following directions. I have rebuilt entire brake systems, fuel systems and a GM 700R4 transmission. But assembling this preschool toy pirate ship took 9 hours on Christmas Day.  It was not really the way I wanted to spend the day, but we got 'er done down to the last sticker.  (no part left behind is my motto)

Within two weeks or so, the pirate ship was stripped down to a bare hull. All sailors lost on the Berber  Carpet Sea.  Occasionally the relic of a cannon was found under foot. (I know, I know, at least it wasn't a lego...)  I still have no idea what happened to the bulk of the 400 parts that made up that toy. Although, now that I think about it, my Ex did have serious sewer problems some time after.

As the next Christmas approached, I looked my Father in the eyes and requested he never do that again.
I was the middle child.  The good one. Always followed the rules. Never got in trouble**. So I'm chalking this up to Dad wanting to get his Grandson a really, really cool gift, versus REVENGE!

** As far as they knew. (but that's another series of posts)

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  1. My dad gave his loving grandson (my youngest) a alarm clock a couple years ago that has a helicopter-looking thing on the top of it. When the alarm sounds off, the helicopter thing spins up and flies off, and the only way you can get the alarm to shut off is to locate the helicopter and place it in the exact right spot on the clock.
    The ex was REALLY fond of that gift.
    Guess how entertaining that is to a 6 year old, and guess how easily a 6 year old can lose a small toy helicopter?


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