Wednesday, January 16, 2013

60 percent of Young Americans

Plan to purchase firearms.  Demographics are a bitch, aren't they?

“The next generation plans on owning guns, so if we want to avoid the tragedies that we’ve seen… we obviously need to move quickly and if an executive order is the way to do it, then that is the way the to do it,” she said."
God forbid they should have the means to protect themselves.  In the BAR household, I suspect 100% of the next generation plans to own guns.  The oldest already does. The second oldest told me that she plans on getting her CHL shortly after graduating.  The one and only son handles a pistol as confidently as a torque wrench, and the youngest has shot more exotic weapons than I have now, courtesy of DAB II.

The anti-gun crowd has missed the real demographic change that is going to crush their attempted gun grab this time like a tsunami**.  This is not to say that there will not be a fight in one form or another.
At the first BAR blogshoot in Lockhart, Tx, Pickdog, Borepatch and Ye Olde Furt were chatting as I sidled up hands in pockets to listen to some shooty wisdom.  Pickdog said, and I paraphrase, "If you really want to change society where gun laws are concerned, you change them."  Pickdog was referring to women.  As time has gone by, I have found that to be a very profound statement.

Consider this:  If I talk about guns and shooting around non-gun guys, they get intimidated and creeped out for the most part. Hell, I've had one young hunter and "gun guy" ask me why we bought an AR and what we intended to shoot with it.***

When Belle talks about guns and shooting, because she is female, it becomes a safer topic and the women in the chat circle get very interested. Once the women in the chat circle engage in the conversation, their male significant others get engaged as well.
Case in point, the young couple we introduced to handguns last weekend.

Belle is the BAR ambassador of self protection and female empowerment.
All of you lady shooters out there in the blogosphere are as well.

** If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy.
*** Because it is our fucking right to do so, paper targets, feral pigs, or anything else that become necessary, thankyouverymuch.

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  1. My dad died two weeks before I turned 21, right as the housing market crashed, and suddenly the world was a much scarier place than I was used to. I "inherited" (read: only one who had any interest in) his guns, and was glad of it at that point. The rest, as they say...

  2. The majority of people I introduced to shooting last year were females. One young lady went from "I may just watch, not sure if I want to shoot" to {jumping up and down afterwards) "I want to have my birthday party here, Can I have a shooting birthday party out here?"

    My daughter in love, Ash (DAB II attendee) is working on a guest post about how she changed her mind about firearms.

    Don't neglect your role in supporting those Ambassadors KX59! Look at how supportive you are of Belle and her acquisitions, her shooting, how you brought your youngest to DABII.

    It is the male role models like you that show we aren't intimidated by female shooters and in fact work to truly empower those we love. That is a strong message to send, especially to young ladies. They'll learn to expect all the men in their lives to do that.

    1. Kind words Bob. Thank you.
      And yes, I want all my girls to be empowered. Also, it's never a bad thing to have "back up" is it? ;)

  3. Get the woman a .50 bmg rifle already, and maybe something belt fed.
    Then she can be our state shooting ambassador or something, and we will prevail in the fight against stupid.
    Or, at least Belle will have some more cool toys. Whichever.


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