Monday, January 21, 2013

Why do you need a 30 round clip?

I'll answer your question if you answer mine first.
If you succeed in confiscating my guns and someone starts shooting at us on the street, can I use your self righteous gun free carcass as a meat shield?

But I thought you were bullet proof.



  1. Alternate answer:
    Because things like this have gotten out of hand before--
    DFW Scanner 4 hours ago via mobile
    Armed Encounter / Fight (Dallas) Grand Ave. and R.B. Cullum Blvd. - Officer is on the ground outside of Fair Park with a group of about 30 to 40 juveniles that fighting. One male in the group is reportedly armed with a silver pistol & was last seen running on Trunk Avenue.

    Or this one

    DFW Scanner Friday --Major Disturbance (Dallas) N. Buckner Blvd. & Peavy Rd. - Officer on a major disturbance is requesting code 3 (lights/siren) cover due to a crowd of about 50 individuals that are fighting & will not stop

    2 major disturbances in 3 days -- each with 40 or 50 people involved. While these didn't get out of control, history shows how easily they do.

    Even if they are bulletproof, they aren't proof against that many people.

    Thanks but I'll keep my firearms.

    1. Yes, but, Bob that is too logical and tactical. I was trying to suck in some liberals via google with the phrase "30 round clip" to point out to them that I was going to use them as the only tactical weapon at my disposal should they succeed in confiscating my guns.
      kmag yoyo.

    2. KX59,

      You realize that you would be responsible for clean up if they actually processed and comprehended what you planned to do, right?

      I think PSH would be too mild of a descriptor.

    3. dumb ass it is a mag .not a clip

    4. dumb ass it is a mag .not a clip


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