Friday, January 11, 2013

In an act of Defiance

The lovely Belle is introducing a first time shooter to handguns tomorrow. Perhaps that will break her out of her post election funk.  Belle connected with one of the young ladies that works in my firm at the company golf tournament while back and then they got to talking at the company Christmas Party.  God knows what information was imparted about me. I really must keep a closer eye on that woman in social situations.  I jest of course. Mostly.
So the young lady's hubbie is tagging along as well. The plan is for lunch at one of our favorite Tex-Mex restaurants first, then off to our favorite pistol range.
While the BAR corporate armory is small, they will have the opportunity to shoot 4 different pistols.  No variation in caliber however, as we believe in the economy of scale where ammunition is concerned.

This little outing was planned prior to the Sandy Hook tragedy**  and crazy Uncle Joe's meeting with the NRA.  I'd been wondering if these youngsters were still up for the event.  Belle confirmed that today.
It appears some of the twentysomethings do have their heads screwed on right after all.

So the gubmint's gun grabbing machinations be damned.  We are going shooting tomorrow and taking some newbies with us.

**Tragedy is really the wrong word for that. That was a heinous crime perpetrated upon the most defenseless victims there are, by a skinny pasty faced very fucked up son of a bitch.  Perhaps it is a character flaw, but I do not have any sympathy for the mentally deranged. While they do not "choose" to be that way,  they are defective and they are a danger to society.

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  1. I always think that, just because they're a messed up nutjob shouldn't make me sympathetic to them, it should make me want them out of society even more.


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