Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Obummer's security detail gets a little lax

Someone managed to get to the Won's limousine.  This might be photochopped, but it made me smile anyway.

And in the news, Obummer and Moosechelle now have secret service security for life!  Having to work that detail would S-U-U-U-U-C-KK.  (say that last word in your best Ron White imitation.)

You know it's coming, the expose book from one of the retired secret service agents that has been on the kenyan imposter's security detail.  Won't happen till he's out of office. Can't get here soon enough IMHO.   Sure to be a long, long chapter on the puppet master Valerie Jackass Jerret.

I doubt I'll have the motivation to read such a book though.  The only associative thought I'll be able to dredge up will be, "Gott sei Dank that Mo Fo is out of office."

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