Thursday, January 3, 2013

Color me Green

With envy.
This came over the wire from the BJF soopersecret com-line today:
I think my testosterone level tweaked up a point or two from just looking at this pic.

I'm not sure if it's the freezer full of venison conveniently packed in a deer hide or the scary looking rifle that I'm more envious of...

BilllyJoe's rifle: Desert Tactical SRS, changes from 300wm to 338 Lapua in less than a minute.  BJF says it will take down a deer at 500 yards, no problem.  

As a footnote: See Libtards!, EBRs and Scary Looking guns with the thing that goes "up" are used for hunting.  (Yes, I do realize it is a bolt action rifle. Shut Up!  I'm taunting bed wetters)



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