Saturday, January 12, 2013

I feel much better now....

Today, as the hubster mentioned yesterday, we took a young couple shooting today.  Neither had shot a pistol before.  The guy shot long guns, but never a hand gun... the lady, never handled a firearm of any kind.

That being said, KX worked with the guy, I worked with the lady.

The lady was a natural.

What brought me the most happiness was to see the smile on her face after she emptied her first magazine.

When we were done, she was really pumped up and happy and said, "Oh my God!!  I had no I idea!!!  I feel so...  so...  so..."

I said... "empowered?"

She said, "YES!"

So yes, there is a new lady shooter among us and I will encourage her every chance I get.

I was a great day and I was happy to be on the range again, shooting....  and introducing the joy of firearms to a new young lady....


  1. Thanks and well done. This is how we win; person to person, empowering people with ability and truth.

    Awesome work you two

  2. Good job guys!

    There's nothing better than seeing the new shooter smile on someone's face.


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