Saturday, April 30, 2011

Back atcha Keads

A little modern day Bluegrass from Robert Earl Keen Jr., one of my favorites.


  1. Outstanding! Thanks for that. I really enjoyed it! I guess I need to come up out of the old school stuff, huh?

  2. Old school is cool.

    Actually, Robert Earl Keene has been around a while, he's just not very well known outside The Lone Star State.

  3. You are going to make me come out there again aren't you? Loved the Brisket when I was there!

  4. But I know still where to get corn from a jar, LOL!

  5. Brisket is the bomb, especially if it's cooked just right.

    The thing about Texas BBQ is that we smoke a brisket for a long, long time, and the sauce is spicier (hot) than other folks' BBQ. When I've had BBQ outside of Texas the sauce is sweet, which is okay, but I prefer the spicy.

    We BBQ beef down here but we like our piggies, too. Give me a plate of pork ribs and I will go to town!


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