Friday, March 16, 2012


With out a doubt, this is a make or break year for us.  For humankind for that matter.  This Grand Experiment we call The United States of America is at stake. Isolate this thought in your mind. Never in the History of man's existence on this planet has a Country like this existed.
 Never has the opportunity to rise from nothing  to opulence like this existed in all the history of Man.
 On a smaller scale, never has the opportunity existed to rise from poverty to a comfortable living in which you don't have to dodge bullets or dig in the mud with a stick for survival existed.
I've read numerous posts by my fellow bloggers about how they would vote for Obama simply because they don't like any of the Republican contenders. Simply to bring it to a swifter end.   Or, how they are just going to sit this one out entirely and not vote. 
Go ahead, give up.
Don't bother to vote in all the local and state elections, nor for the dismal choices we have for President. Sit home and collect ammo and prep for the Zombie Apocalypse. Build your bunker.
How long can you hold out?
You will slip on the muddy bank of the livestock tank eventually and impale yourself on a stick. Infection will set in, and you will die.
You will get a cavity which leads to an abscessed tooth, and you will die. A feral dog will bite you and you will die. (you get the point by now I'm sure)
No matter how fortified your environs are, no matter how much ammo you've stockpiled, no matter how much food you have stockpiled, your life, and more importantly, your children's lives will be shit.
Fight the political battle.  Tap into your fight or flight response and fight the political battle.
Otherwise, your children will be digging in the mud with sticks.


  1. Amen and amen. I never could find the words to say this, but it's exactly what I've been thinking lately.

    Mostly I hear people saying they're not going to vote because they're unimpressed with the Republicans still left in the field. I'm grateful I haven't heard anyone say they would vote for Obama again simply because they are disappointed in the Republican candidates who are running ...that would have made me hurl. Voting for Romney would come close to making me hurl ...he's pretty much more of what we have now, just a different brand. But NOT voting at all or NOT voting for the Republican on the ticket is the same as voting FOR another four years of Obama. If O gets in office for another four years, he'll be a lame duck and have nothing to lose. He will be even more brash and bold with his agenda than he is now. God help us!

  2. For me I think it's all going to come down to who the VP candidate is. If Oby goes with Bloomberg I'll happily vote for whatever fool the R's come up with.

  3. You tell 'em, KX!
    (shakes fist)



  4. Some of the folks that are espousing the 'vote Obama' idea are people I respect. However, I just can't see handing the man what he wants without a fight. One of the things I fear most in politics is the lame duck.

  5. I put myself in time out after that rant. A couple more days I might let myself out. We'll just have to see whether kx59 can behave himself a little better.


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