Saturday, March 24, 2012

Time for the Bluebonnet Run

No, not that kind of run.  Look, if you see me running, you'd better turn and run in the same direction I'm headed because it means something mean and nasty is chasing me.
Wild Flowers are in bloom.
We're rather fond of Bluebonnets, being the state flower and all that.

So Belle and I decided to take a short loop through the hills this morning.
Up to Navasota, hooked a left on 105 and turned down CR1155 towards Chapel Hill.  This route on the suggestion of a friend of hers.
1155 is a really nice winding two lane road, not too many wide vistas though. Weekend warrior bikers like it a lot. We saw more motorcycles than cars.  Then we ran into a massive herd of one man power cycles. Seems the "Head for the Hills" cycle event was today.

The pic at left is the first leg along 290.  Blue sky is a nice break from all the rain we've had lately.

20 miles or so of the 1155 leg involved me focusing on not bumping one of the endless stream of bicyclists off into the rough. (makes my knees hurt to watch that slow uphill grind)

Belle got a few shots along 1155.  Bluebonnets.

The better views came later, on 290 again just east of Chapel Hill.

Star of the show:

The grass got jealous and demanded a pic. (how'd that get in there?)

We ended the short trip with a Stuffed Avocado, Tacos Al Carbon, Margaritas and Cerveza at Gringos.   Belle was very happy all along the way.  The spring wild flower bloom just seems to put a sparkle in her eye.  The drive, the verdant green vistas and the wild flowers were really nice but they pale in comparison to having your wife tell you multiple times how happy she is.
When Belle is happy....kx59 is happy.


  1. Beautiful! Mrs. Paladin and I are trying to squeeze in a trip to Ennis for the blooms - in between life and thunderstorms. They have a pretty good spread of bluebonnets around there too. Maybe next weekend if the weather cooperates.

  2. Time to take the kids out for the yearly picture

  3. Chappel Hill just past the Sausage Company has a nice spot.

  4. Thx.

    I'll have to post some pics when were done.
    I have some really good ones from two years ago with them lined up on a wooden fence looking out into a field.


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