Monday, March 26, 2012

Texas Bloggers! Calling Texas Bloggers.. that includes you lady shooters too!

Honorary Texas Citizen, Borepatch, has the date set for the Dallas Area Blogshoot and it looks as if we are going to have a great turnout!

So many of us are going to be traveling for pretty far distances, so if you plan on attending and can volunteer to car pool that would be great.

Hoss Boss and/or YeOldFurt, if you read this, please contact me via email about carpooling if you're interested in going!

Houston area bloggers, you can comment here if you are interested in carpooling, whether you need a ride, or you can give a ride and I will try and get you partnered with someone.  Perhaps Kx and I will take two cars if necessary and carvan up there.

I am soooo looking forward to meeting everyone and I will possibly be live blogging from the event if I can get a decent connection with my mobile hot spot up there.


  1. OK, am putting it on my calendar to try and attend.

    Reckon I better get busy casting and reloading.


    P.S. As I stated on Borepatch's site, all my guns are pretty boring--just like me.

  2. LOL> you are far from boring! Look forward to meeting you.

  3. Hmmm...

    I'll have to see what the boss says.
    On top of the work I have planned she has updated her honey do list.

  4. Yikes!!!! It's not until April 21st so get cracking on that list, Teke!!

  5. I looked at my calendar and totally forgot that I would be traveling for work the following weekend. With three little ones I will not be able to pull off two weekends in a row. Especially when one is purely for me.

    Boooo :(

  6. Unless something untoward happens, I'll be there. I'm driving from Tucson, and should be arriving in the DFW area Friday night about 10PM.


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