Thursday, March 22, 2012

Top Shot Season 4 - 3/20 episode

Nothing better than firing cannons at a target.  Yes, they used cannons and it was pretty darn cool.

The red team lost again, but it was a close match.  Once again, they didn't send their girl to the elimination round, which I was glad to see. 

Maybe History Channel has been listening!

Seriously though, the elimination round was also pretty darned cool.  They used an atlatl to hit a target.

That weapon, primitive as it is, is nothing to sneeze at.  The spears take very little effort to throw with it so even a little guy can hurl a spear at 100mph with very little effort.

I think that they've really kept the drama down this season.  I must have been the only one to write to History Channel regarding that.

I still don't have a favorite because in my opinion, both groups all seem to be decent people.  There's not a decided 'villian' this season as there was in past seasons.  Maybe Jakeass was the last straw for their viewers?


  1. They cannot eliminate Gabby. There is a ton of South Florida shooters that may get slightly upset and go after Colby :)

    (Disclaimer: I wrote this because Gabby was my wife's instructor, she likes her a lot and I really don't wanna sleep on the porch.)

  2. Oh wow, cool! Thank you for commenting.

    I like her, she seems like a very happy person and she's a good shot as well.


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