Wednesday, March 14, 2012

A Bit of Tab Clearing

Last summer I posted about how we had no honey bees to pollinate our miserable attempt at a vegetable garden.  Apparently one cause for the Bee depopulation as been uncovered.

Depopulation of the less useful insects that inhabit the U.N., on the other hand would be a good thing.  It just galls me that we support, with our tax dollars, an organization full of American hating tin horn dictators.  Very little truth regarding the U.N. ever leaks out into the U.S. mainstream media. When it does, it's usually by accident.  Ion Mihai Pacepa provides a cold, hard look at the U.N., from the inside. Go, read. It will confirm every negative thing you ever thought about the U.N. I actually said, "wow", no really, I did.

Bouncing back to the "more useful" meme, I stumbled across a useful website for 'puter stuff named MakeUseOf.  Of particular interest to me, was the cheat sheet for Gimp, along with cheat sheets for a number of other programs.  Gimp is a free photo editor for linux.  Around the same time I discovered there's a windows version of Gimp as well, also free.  I'm not quite groking the Gimp business model; "Let's code a highly sophisticated photo editing software and give it away for FREE!" Now, mind you I am not complaining. Karma being what it is, I probably shouldn't type this, but sometimes...there is a free lunch.

Some men are "Sweet Talkers", some are "Sleep Talkers". I rarely remember my dreams. (Well, I just assume I dream...)  Belle frequently remembers hers.  Recounts of the previous night's imaginary adventures while getting ready for work are quite amusing at times.  It really ramps up when she's in the 'trying to quit smoking' cycle and taking Chantix.  This guy, though, must sleep in outer space every night...SleepTalkingMan


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