Thursday, March 29, 2012

A Missouri Caucus

The Lee's Summit Conservative has some insight on the recent Caucus in Missouri.  I have to say that if that's the way they do it, I'm glad that I do not live in MO.

It looks as if it was designed to favor the candidate that the establishment is trying to shove down our throats. 

Something has go to give folks.  We cannot keep letting the Republican elites choose our candidate for us, before the primaries even begin.

We get some decent candidates and once they pulled out in front, they were smacked down by the media, via accusations that were not proven or repeating day after day how stupid another is.

Michelle Bachman, smart woman, but was constantly branded as stupid by a mysogenistic main stream media.  They love women's rights....   but only the correct thinking women (snark).

Remember Rick Perry?  Step on his own dick, Rick?  Granted he basically came unhinged and couldn't take the heat on a national level, but remember the race baiting accusations about a foul word written on a rock on a hunting lease that he didn't even own?

Then Herman Cain....   what a travesty that was.  The one viable candidate that I really liked a lot gets railroaded out of the race.

So yes, from day one, the establishment has considered Mittens 'the chosen one'.  Mittens lost to McCain in a close primary.... so it must be his turn to get the nod.  We all know that we were railroaded and ended stuck with McCain for the same very reasons, he had lost to Bush.

It's going to be an awful election this coming November.  I really am not looking forward to pinching my nose to vote for the Mass. Liberal, Mittens but I will do so.  All I know is that if LSC's take on the Missouri Caucus is how other Causus are run in this country...  it's no wonder Mittens is winning.


  1. I said it over a year ago.

  2. Even Worse was the Caucus in St. Charles County, MO. People got arrested for trying to re-caucus outside in the parking lot, per Caucus rules. Even though Santorum won the straw poll, the caucus chairman adjourned {against the rules } w/o a voice vote, the fix for Mittens was on.


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