Sunday, March 4, 2012

Pollen wiping and other nonsense

The turn of the leaves in the fall is a beautiful sight much further Northeast of the BAR.  Fall and winter here seem to just turn a gray shade of green.  The oak trees here shed their leaves in the spring by the bushel full and pollinate. We are talking full on Vegas floor show with feather fans pollination.  Parking next to a 50 foot tall pile of sulfur in a gale would deposit less yellow stuff on your car.
Between auto mechanics in the first part of the day, and cutting the yard at the end of the day, I grabbed a microfiber towel and the hose and did a quick rinse and wipe down of the cars. The flood line along the curb left a long line of yellow on the street.  Pollen wiping. It's a loosing battle. The cars will be coated in yellow again by tomorrow morning. Fortunately, this will only go on for another week or two.
Today was good. I spent the first half of it on my back with my Son under his Jeep.  One of two things is for certain. When you leverage a transmission pan to make it let loose from the dipstick tube and crunch your own pinky and it makes you laugh hysterically, you have either stopped to smell the roses, or you are abjectly crazy. My Son had no idea why I was laughing.  What made me laugh is that I did it a row.  Pan was loose and I was starting to make some headway on getting the tube from the pan to release from the dipstick tube. So, my attention was focused elsewhere. First crunch was a little "ow", second crunch got my attention, which reminded me of the first crunch.  Monkey brain said, "maybe you shouldn't do that again." The homo sapiens part of my brain simply responded with, "Really?"
It's still making me chuckle.  Pinky is fine. The laughter made the hurt go away.
Best part of getting greasy today was that I was in a happy place, because I was turning wrenches with my Son, and I told him so.  Must be some oak tree pollen in here. Now I'm getting all teary eyed.

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